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Tour de Health

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Welcome by Magnus Heunicke, Minister for Health

Welcome by Jeppe Kofod, Minister for Foreign Affairs

Welcome by Simon Kollerup, Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs

Meet the organisers and partners

Main organiser is Healthcare DENMARK and co-organiser is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. Partners include the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Business and Growth, Confederation of Danish Industry and the Danish Chamber of Commerce.


Organising Partners

Danish speakers and hosts

Explore the speakers of Tour de Health who will share their experience and insights on Danish healthcare within innovative hospitals, digitalisation, chronic diseases and elderly care.

Magnus Heunicke

Minister for Health

Jeppe Kofod

Minister for Foreign Affairs

Simon Kollerup

Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs

Svend Særkjær

Permanent Secretary, the Ministry of Health

Brian Mikkelsen

CEO, The Danish Chamber of Commerce

Thomas Bustrup

Deputy Director General, The Confederation of Danish Industry

The Danish healthcare system

Denmark’s healthcare challenges are similar to those of other developed countries – an ageing population, more patients with chronic diseases and a shortage of healthcare professionals. These challenges combined with a high demand from citizens for better healthcare services put pressure on the healthcare system. Therefore, we need to rethink healthcare to ensure sustainable solutions for the future.

Watch the video about the Danish healthcare system introduced by HRH The Crown Princess of Denmark, patron for Healthcare DENMARK, and learn more about Danish initiatives to improve treatment to people with chronic diseases and new innovative research projects that support the transformation of Danish healthcare.

Healthcare DENMARK is the international gateway to Danish healthcare and life science expertise and innovation. We support the idea of learning from each other through open knowledge exchange and bringing the expertise together as a way for countries to improve healthcare.

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Read more about the organisation of Danish healthcare here.